A BRIEF introduction

I am originally from a much bigger city near Houston, but I fell in love and married a country boy. I moved to a small town that boasts a Walmart, a small movie theatre, and a “mall” that has a handful of stores in it. I live with my husband and two boys out in the country on over a hundred acres. We have a few goats and three dogs. We live just down the road from my in-laws, which is nice and not all at the same time. 

About me:
I am a formally trained chef, and I graduated with high honors from Le Cordon Bleu in Austin, TX. 
I just finished my online bachelor’s degree with Le Cordon Bleu in Culinary and Hospitality Management 
I am in the process of starting up my own home based baking business.
My sons are 5 and 1.5. Having boys is a blast.
I was born and raised in Texas. 
I love being a mother, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. 
I am pro breastfeeding, and I am still breastfeeding my youngest
I have been the proud mama of chameleons, leaf-tail geckos, hedgehogs, and a feisty sugar glider. 
These are my three pups: Prince, Bailey, and Molly 🙂
(Prince is a mix of Australian Shepherd and Great Pyrenees, Bailey is a Doberman Pinscher, and Molly is a Boxer)

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