Reward Wreath… DIY

When I was a little girl, my mom used to make a reward wreath for my teachers and for home as a means to reward us for hard work and good work ethic. It was also used to encourage us to keep pursuing our goals. Now that I have kids of my own, and now that K is in school, I had my mom show me how to make one step by step for my son’s teacher. I made this one rather basic, but a banner or more personalization could easily be added.



Wire Hanger

Duct Tape/Painters Tape

Tissue paper of varying colors

White Tissue paper

String (Kite string works really well)

Small toys


1. Take the wire hanger and untwist the wire.

2. Shape it into a circle. I overlap the wire 6-8 inches to make smaller wreaths, but you can make then any size. Keep in mind it will take more toys and tissue paper the larger the wreath.


3. Once you have chosen a desired size, wrap the extra wire around, and tape around the entire hanger.

This is how I start it.


When you are done taping it should look like this:


4. Cut tissue into squares large enough to wrap toys.


5. Place toy in each WHITE tissue square and fold tissue around the toy.


6. Place wrapper toy inside colored tissue


7. Gather colored tissue around the wrapped toy, twist, and tie closed with string.




8. Take finished wrapped toys, and tie each tissue wrapped toy to the wreath with stringImage


9. Keep doing this until you reach the desired fullness you want. I even do the back of the wreath so the wreath lasts longer.


And there you have it. A reward wreath! You can attach scissors for the teacher to cut each reward off the wreath, or you can have the child rip the colored tissue and take the white tissue wrapped toy out of the colored tissue.


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