I see potty training in my immediate future

Today I called one of the preschools in town to ask about getting G into preschool, and to ask some basic questions. Our town does not boast many actual preschools, where they actively teach your child. I asked if they required the two year olds to be potty trained, and she did not give me a solid yes. The admin said something along the lines of, ” we like them to be basically potty trained, but we expect them to have accidents”. I’m not really sure what she meant by that.

Two is young for boys to potty trained. K didn’t fully potty train till he was 4. He still has the occasional accident. G is 4 months away from turing two, so that gives me till Spring to get him well on his way to being potty trained. Thankfully, he has been showing a great amount of interest in using the potty, and is letting me know when he has soiled his diaper. 

I ordered a little potty, and a new toilet seat with a toddler seat that flips up and down. Next stop, Walmart for some big boy undies and bribes.