K started Kindergarten

My oldest started Kindergarten today. It was bittersweet, and I’ll admit it… I cried on the way home form dropping him off. He is growing so fast, and looks more and more like my husband every day.

This week has been crazy. K started the week in one class, and because there were so many additional kids he ended up being moved to another class. I think it as a blessing in disguise. His original teacher was a little off. She had a hard time with making eye contact with me, and just gave me a weird vibe. Maybe it is because I am technically K’s stepmom? I know some people get their panties in a wad when a stepmom is called mom. However, his new teacher is great, and she is very friendly. I love love love her. He really likes her, and they seem to communicate better. 

K is still learning the rules, and is having fun making new friends. We are excited for what the year has in store. Soccer has started back up, so we are busy little bees. 

I wanted to share a poem his teacher sent out at meet the teacher. It made me cry.


My First Day

I gave you a wink and a smile

as you entered my room today.

For I know it is hard to leave

And you know your child must stay. 

You’ve been with him for five years now

And have been a loving guide,

But now, alas, the time has come

To leave him at my side. 

Just know that as you drive away

And tears down your cheeks may flow

I’ll love him as I would my own

And help him learn to grow.

For as a parent, I too know

How quickly the years do pass

And that someday it will be my turn

To take my child to class.

So please put your mind at ease

And cry those tears no more

For I will love him and take him in

When you leave him at my door.


I love my son so much, and I am so anxious to see him grow into a young man. 



I see potty training in my immediate future

Today I called one of the preschools in town to ask about getting G into preschool, and to ask some basic questions. Our town does not boast many actual preschools, where they actively teach your child. I asked if they required the two year olds to be potty trained, and she did not give me a solid yes. The admin said something along the lines of, ” we like them to be basically potty trained, but we expect them to have accidents”. I’m not really sure what she meant by that.

Two is young for boys to potty trained. K didn’t fully potty train till he was 4. He still has the occasional accident. G is 4 months away from turing two, so that gives me till Spring to get him well on his way to being potty trained. Thankfully, he has been showing a great amount of interest in using the potty, and is letting me know when he has soiled his diaper. 

I ordered a little potty, and a new toilet seat with a toddler seat that flips up and down. Next stop, Walmart for some big boy undies and bribes. 

Thankful for rain

If you live in Texas, you have heard about the major droughts we have been having. Central Texas has been hit really hard with the drought. The Brownwood Lake has been extremely low this summer, this is where we get the water for homes from. We were approaching stage 4 water restrictions, but thankfully we have had two rains that have helped to bring up the lake levels. It has also brought some cooler temperatures. It has been such a nice break from the 104 degree days. The boys and I have been able to get out and play for longer periods of time, and really enjoy the outdoors. We are so thankful for the rain, and pray for more. Our tanks could really use some steady rainfall. 

A BRIEF introduction

I am originally from a much bigger city near Houston, but I fell in love and married a country boy. I moved to a small town that boasts a Walmart, a small movie theatre, and a “mall” that has a handful of stores in it. I live with my husband and two boys out in the country on over a hundred acres. We have a few goats and three dogs. We live just down the road from my in-laws, which is nice and not all at the same time. 

About me:
I am a formally trained chef, and I graduated with high honors from Le Cordon Bleu in Austin, TX. 
I just finished my online bachelor’s degree with Le Cordon Bleu in Culinary and Hospitality Management 
I am in the process of starting up my own home based baking business.
My sons are 5 and 1.5. Having boys is a blast.
I was born and raised in Texas. 
I love being a mother, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. 
I am pro breastfeeding, and I am still breastfeeding my youngest
I have been the proud mama of chameleons, leaf-tail geckos, hedgehogs, and a feisty sugar glider. 
These are my three pups: Prince, Bailey, and Molly 🙂
(Prince is a mix of Australian Shepherd and Great Pyrenees, Bailey is a Doberman Pinscher, and Molly is a Boxer)